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Can you take while pregnant and/or nursing?

First off, congratulations! It takes a village to raise a babe and please know we are here to help however we can! 

Above all, we always recommend you speak with your OB or MD or lactation consultant first. From my personal experience, I drank our elderberry syrup throughout my second and third pregnancies and while nursing both babies (I did not know about elderberry syrup during my first pregnancy or while nursing first babe). I was completely comfortable and confident doing so and had no issues. However, as previously mentioned, we highly recommend you speak with your care provider and do research, so you can make an educated decision that you feel comfortable with you and your babe.

There are a few saving graces that I am forever thankful for when it comes to nursing. First and foremost, prayer. I prayed so hard about nursing once I started, because to be honest, I had no idea how hard it would be. And it is. It's amazing, but it is hard. Give yourself grace, time, allow others to help you and know you are giving your baby an amazing gift, no matter how you are feeding them! 

Second, a lactation consultant. They are a hidden treasure that I did not know existed before having a babe but they are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Not sure what they are or if you have one close to home? Speak with your maternity unit or pediatrician or check out this website:

Third, basil and fennel oil. I started using Mother's Milk tea with our first babe and it worked but no where near as well as straight basil and/or fennel. By the time we had our second babe, we were using oils and I used basil and fennel in replace of Mothers Milk tea and for me, they were 1000x better. Fennel is great but is only recommended to be used for 10 consecutive days max (heads up, it can make your sweat and breast milk smell like maple syrup - no idea why but absolutely does). Basil can be used as much as you want and it was answered prayers for me. Basil helped my milk supply so much. I couldn't recommend it more. 

Please feel free to reach out to us via email and/or social media if you have any more questions or curious about basil/fennel. We are here and happy to help!