NEW PRODUCT ALERT ‼️ Fermented Garlic Honey 🍯 PREORDER! Powerful Anti BACTERIAL to compliment the elderberries anti VIRAL properties!

How do I take it?

We take our syrup straight from the fridge, either by the spoonful or shot glass or honestly, whatever is close by. Sometimes our kiddos like to mix it with water for a juice-like drink or mix with their Ningxia for an extra wellness boost! (Not sure what Ningxia is, connect with us via email or social media and we are happy to tell you about our favorite "ninja juice").

You can also add it to your tea as your sweetener in replace of honey, since there is honey in our syrup. We have a heard great reviews about adding it to Ginger Ale, yogurt, oatmeal, pretty much anything.

Have a favorite that we didn't mention? We would love to hear from you!